we recognise our corporate and business clients have personal needs.


Because we aim to protect your business interests, it is inevitable that such protection extends to your personal needs with matters involving Family Law, Wills & Estates and Bankruptcy.



Apart from your business activities, your personal life and relationships often need attention. Our services include advice and support in family law areas including:

  • Binding financial arrangements - before a relationship starts and/or after a relationship ends
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Property and financial division (including superannuation, business structures and activities if relevant)
  • Divorce and separation arrangements
  • Arrangements for your children after separation
  • Domestic violence or Protection Orders
  • Other relevant factors such as making sure that your personal arrangements are updated and appropriate after a relationship ends


Powers of attorney, wills & estates

Powers of Attorney (and Enduring Powers of Attorney) are useful estate planning tools - if not absolutely critical requirements - to make sure your personal affairs and business activities are able to cope with temporary disruptions due to illness or absence due to travel requirements.

Making a current and valid Will is the best step to ensuring that once you pass away, family members and other people that you want to provide for are properly provided for, and the likelihood of estate disputes occurring is greatly reduced.

Estate planning is not just about having a Will, it involves reviewing, updating, managing and controlling your personal, family and business affairs while you are alive to prepare for the best outcome for when you are no longer alive. It can extend to powers of attorney, enduring powers of attorney, guardianship arrangements and testamentary trusts to plan and provide for the time when you cannot do so.

A well-considered Estate Plan will cover your current lifestyle, retirement plans, tax position, asset protection and asset distribution. Our legal team can provide you with the comfort of knowing all your affairs are in order should you unexpectedly need to rely on the current and legal documents that we specialise in providing for you.



We have acted for private bankruptcy trustees, accounting firms, financial institutions, public and private companies and individuals. Our expertise extends beyond creditor services and encompasses bankruptcy trustee services, as well as services for debtors.

We have experience in acting for:

  • Creditors to bankrupt debtors
  • Creditors in preference and other claims made by bankruptcy trustees
  • Advising and acting for bankruptcy trustees in every aspect of bankruptcy administration including the recovery of assets, resolving disputed claims, unfair preferences and anti-avoidance claims, proof of debt disputes, trustee remuneration and other matters that fall within the Bankruptcy Act
  • Defending bankruptcy proceedings brought by creditors
  • Assisting bankrupts in defending actions brought by a bankruptcy trustee against family members or themselves
  • Drafting and negotiating informal or formal debt agreements for people seeking to compromise their debts as an alternative to bankruptcy